Featured Kennel

House of Blue Pit Bulls is home to ABKC Champions Reina (XL class), Bella (XL class), and Wall-E (Standard class); as well as the 2015 Southern California Cinco de Mayo XXL Showcase Champion Changuito & Runner-Up King Triton.

Our program consists mainly of Ghangis Kon, Razor’s Edge, and Camelot bloodlines. We breed all bully class sizes: Pockets, Standards, and XLs.

Our Pockets are well structured, compact, thick dogs. While small in stature, they’re built like tanks.

Our Standards are equally as impressive featuring correct conformation and functional movement.

Our XL dogs are Show-Stoppers. They are extraordinary in size, structure, and movement. Many of our XL’s are offspring from our foundation female, ABKC XL Champion Reina.

All our dogs draw a crowd wherever they go, whether relaxing with family at the beach, walking along Hollywood Blvd, or at a dog show. From their massive heads, strong chests, and overall remarkable size, our lineup of XL studs is a must-see at SoCal shows! Look for us at Bully Olympics, Cinco de Mayo, West Coast Bully Tour, or other ABKC or USBR SoCal events.

With 20 years of breeding experience, House of Blue Pit Bulls hand picks quality traits to incorporate into our program. We look for structure, size, heath, and temperament.

House of Blue Pit Bulls was founded in Victorville, CA, and today is mostly based in Southern California with chapters in Victorville, Orange County, Pasadena, Long Beach, Hesperia, Santa Ana, & Arizona.

For more information on our dogs, check out our website: www.houseofbluepitbulls.com and follow us on social media!