Sponsored Dogs

Capone Jr. owned and produced by Robert Bernardo Capone is 2x WCG Big Money and 2x WCG Goldmine. I have been in the game since 2001. I started with and love razorsedge. I was known back then with my original Capone off Dozer and Daisy. I love the new change in the game it’s different but times change, So we must adapt. My Famous lines are: “Love it, hate it, I respect it” and “Ingredients alert”. My vision is to have a Capone shorter bullier with same head size and extreme chest. My best advice see the dogs in person.
Michael is a well known breeder in San Diego. Most known for his selfless acts to promote San Diego and display the best dogs the city has to offer. Michael has one of the cities most popular studs name Pacino whom carries a rich presidential pedigree from dogs like Bolow, Miagi, Coronel, Dax and Bulls eye. Michael’s vision to promote a positive breed is unmatched and supported by veteran breeders from all over the United States. Pacino serves as his foundation stud and has propelled his program to new heights. Michael’s hard work, dedication, and commitment to the breed has allowed for more people to be educated, highlighted, and positively infected with genuine happiness.